Technology Services
Supporting students’ learning through technology services and training


Greg Southard
Director of Technology Services
11097 St. Charles Rock Road
St. Ann, MO 63074
(314) 213-8050
(314) 213-8650 (Fax)

About our programs
The technology services department provides district-wide services for instructional and administrative technology. A team of 16 department staff members support more 6,000 instructional and office computers as well as mobile phones, ipads, video projectors, interactive whiteboards, printers and copiers.

The department provides the following services to the district:
  • Assists instructional staff in the integration of technology into student learning experiences.
  • Provides staff development in technology use and integration.
  • Collaborates with the District Technology Specialists in the development of technology competencies and assessments.
  • Manages e-mail system, student information system, financial and employee information system, library system, phone system and learning management system.
  • Manages wired and wireless LAN (local area networks), WAN (wide area network) and Internet connectivity.
  • Supplies, maintains, and updates computer hardware and software.
  • Creates and maintains Pattonville websites