Lesson Plan
 Lesson Plan

Title of Book:

War with Grandpa

Suggested Grade Level:


Book Author:

Robert Kimmel Smith

Number of Pages:


Major Theme:

Intergenerational relationships, cooperation, conflict resolution


Petey, a fourth grader, must deal with the fact that his grandfather is coming to live with his family and is taking over Petey's room.

Question #1

Question #2

Question #3

What is the conflict in the story?

Describe Peter's reaction to the news of Grandpa's moving into his room.  Do you think he was right in feeling as he did?

Name two character traits of Petey.  Name two character traits of Grandpa.

Question #4

Did Grandpa have the right to slap Petey?  Why or why not?

Question #5

What is "gorilla" warfare?

Question #6

Question #7

Question #8

Question #9

After the pleasant day of fishing, why does Petey steal Grandpa's watch?

What is "psychological" warfare?

What "life lesson" did Peter learn from his "war with Grandpa"?

What is the only time you have to fight a war, according to Grandpa?

Question #10

Who is the hero of this story?  Explain the reasons for your choice.

Question #11

Question #12

Question #13


Question #14


Question #15

Question #16

Question #17

Question #18

Extension #1

Extension #2

Extension #3


Research Machiavelli. Why is he remembered?

Make a list of similes found in this book.

Draw a detailed map of your room.  Make sure to draw it to scale.  What is the area of your room?  What is the perimeter?  What is the volume of your room?

Extension #4

Make a vocabulary web for three new words that you learned in this book. 

Extension #5

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